A new start!

Hi all!

Welcome to the new blog! For those that don’t know I have been writing on the blog all things priya for the last few months. It was a blog I started two years ago – blogging was something that I always wanted to try but never got around too doing. The first time around I didn’t really think about what the blog would be and I lost motivation very quickly as uni work started pilling up.

With my recent graduation I was looking for a new hobby and dug up the site but something needed to change. and so this is it – Priya Sivani. I kept my new blog name simple (it’s my name) so that the blog can grow and change with me.

It’s something I have been working on for the last month and i’m so proud that this site is ready to launch!

I want to thank my boyfriend, Seb (check out his work here), who kindly lent his graphic designer skills to the creation of the site. Especially given all I said I wanted was squares.

Hope you like the new site and please forgive me while I still work out a few kinks on the blog.

I’m going to post every Monday morning and when I have something extra to say i’ll post on a Thursday. the posts will mostly be focused on food and beauty but also travelling and i’m working on my photography so some of that too.

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