Recipe: Christmas Brownies!

In the spirit of Christmas (and maybe to show off a little bit) I made my co-workers some Christmas brownies! I loved making these brownies because they were a simple twist on a favourite treat.


What you need:
  • Heatproof Bowl
  • Knife
  • Candy Canes
  • White Chocolate Buttons
  • Sprinkles (I used sugar crystals)


Make the brownies as per a recipe of your choosing, I find a dark chocolate brownie works well with the white chocolate. My favourite brownie recipe is Jamie Oliver’s Bloomin’ Brilliant Brownies– they are super chocolatey and fudgy.

Once cool, cut the brownies into triangles. I cut diagonally across the tray and then cut rows individually.

Melt the buttons in the microwave  – this will take 20-40 seconds. It’s best to start with 20 seconds and then in 10 second increments until melted – remember to stir between.

Drizzle the chocolate into the brownies in a pattern similar to tinsel on a Christmas tree.  Quickly sprinkle the crystals onto the brownies before the chocolate sets.

Remove the packing from the candy canes and then cut into small sticks – insert one stick into each triangle to form the ‘tree trunk’.

And they are ready to serve!