Travel Haul

 Hey Everyone!
Today I’m writing to you while looking out over the city of Kuala Lumpur. I love Malaysia, this is my second trip in the past year! Travel has always been an important part of my life – and I’ve been very lucky to go on some pretty amazing trips. Last August I went to Queenstown to learn how to ski. 
I’m so excited to back here! Anyone that knows me can tell you my two favourite things are food and shopping – this makes Malaysia my perfect holiday destination. I’ve already wondered through Little India and visited Shoe Heaven. But this trip is going to be a little bit different (at least for me).
I never did the Gap Year thing after I finished high school. So when I finished university I decided to take a break before the next step in my career. It started with moving to New Zealand to work for 4 months and now I’m in South East Asia for 2 months. I cannot believe that I’m here already – I’ve been dreaming about this trip for months.
This also means that this site will be mostly travel focused for next little while. I’ve already started working on a post about my must do’s in KL. Then next week I’m heading to Borneo next so look forward to pictures of very very cute Orangutans.
Travel always starts with the process of packing, so to start the travel theme on the blog here is all the bits and pieces I bought to make packing that little bit easier.
1. Rain Coat
I got this coat as a gift – I had mentioned to my aunt that I needed rain jacket. Spontaneous rainfall is more than a little bit common where I’m going – In fact it rained last night! I love this coat. It fits easily into my handbag and it’s cute! The other thing that’s great is that it’s designed to be a windbreaker as well.
Modelling my coat on the streets of KL
2. Pocketable bags
This was the first of many purchases I made from Ikea. I didn’t even realise that the travel section existed but it’s a magic aisle!
These bags are great because they are the perfect bags to use for laundry (The duffel bag) or carry on (a backpack for my laptop). Before finding these I was struggling to find the perfect bag – something that would fit my laptop but would also work as a bag back while exploring. With these bags I can use it on the plane and then when I land somewhere everything can go into my suitcase and I only have one handbag for daily use.
3. Quick dry towel
A girl I travelled with in New Zealand a few years back had one of these – it was great, she used it every day, it fit into her bag and didn’t develop any weird smells. I haven’t needed one before but this trip i’ll be in more budget/hostel places so there’s a chance that there won’t be towels. This was perfect because it folds 10 times smaller than a regular towel! (Link)
4. Toiletry bottles
Have you ever seen the little toiletry bottles you can get from the pharmacy? For the most part they are little clear bottles that look very breakable. I am obsessed with this set – they are colourful, the perfect 100ml size and also I trust Ikea bottles not to leak all through my bag during the flight. I couldn’t find the link for this but here is a similar set.
5. Packing cubes
I’m still not quite sure if I am on the packing cube bandwagon for my clothes. I can’t imagine actually packing clothes back into the cubes as I travel but I happened to use one of my Mum’s cubes while in Melbourne. I found that they can be quite useful for sorting underwear, socks and dirty clothes. That’s why these ones from Ikea were so perfect because they are a lot less expensive than most and the sizes are better than other ones I found. I’ve used one of the smaller ones for chargers, medication and then the three bigger ones are for underwear, bras and socks.
6. RFID Passport Holder
You find things in the oddest places! Mum and I happened to be in Officeworks and I stumbled upon this passport holder! I wasn’t really looking for one but it is RFID protecting and it as credit card spots. I am so happy with this buy because it was also so cheap – $15!
7. PEN!
Once upon a time I forgot to pen to the airport and then I had to buy a pen from the news agent. I then found out how much pens cost at the airport (HINT! It’s not cheap). I’ve always remembered this and am now compulsive about having a pen at the airport. I carry a pen from this set everywhere I go.