My new baby….

My first memory behind a camera was when I was five years old at my dad’s wedding – I took it upon myself to be the photographer and used the disposable cameras provided to photograph the first dance.

My first attempt of photography

While I’ve always enjoyed it, especially just learning how a new camera works, I never put in the work to get better – until recently. In the world of Instagram everyone can be an ametuer photographer. So I’ve been putting in the effort, and listening to the explanations of aperture not just guessing.

Trying to get that perfect insta shot

So I decided to buy myself a new camera! It’s the Olympus EM10 MII and it’s everything I could ever ask for!

Olympus E-M10 Mark II with 14-42mm Lens and Flea Market Compact Camera Bag in Black

I went for a mirrorless camera because size was really important to me – I’m going travelling next year and really needed something easily portable that still gave me great quality pictures and the opportunity to keep learning. Also budget while this was a bit over my initial budget I didn’t want to spend anymore than $1000 AUD. The other thing was inbuilt wi-fi! I am that person that takes a million pictures on holiday but unless it’s on my phone no one will ever see them.

My first photograph – unedited!

I’ll definitely be posting new shots hits here and on Instagram so keep a look out!