A day on waiheke…


There are two things I associate with New Zealand – sport and wine! Despite coming across from Australia regularly – I hadn’t done the wine thing. Shocking considering how much I love a glass of pinot nior. As expected a day in the vines was my top priority when I moved here in October.

I’m currently living in Auckland, meaning the best place to go was Waiheke Island. Which I found out has over 30 vineyards so there is plenty to see.

There are nature walks and heaps of cute little shops to explore – we spent the morning walking along the beach and town.

Getting there and getting around

Waiheke is a short ferry trip from Auckland City, around about 30 minutes. Fullers (the ferry service) had an online special so we got the return ferry trip for $20. From there we grabbed the all- day bus pass for $10 each. It was the easiest and cheapest method of getting around. It doesn’t get out to all the wineries (unless you’re willing to walk) but you have more money to spend on wine.

The view from the ferry

Winery #1: Stony Ridge

The landscape alone is worth a visit to Stony Ridge. As you walk up to the restaurant you’ll see fields (perfectly designed for frolicking). Once inside the interior is beautiful and overlooks the stunning hillside vineyard.

I am obsessed with this flower!

It was the idea place to start out day – sitting on the deck with a great view and fantastic wine! The wine here was probably the best out of what we had – If you’re a red wine drinker I definitely would stop by.

Winery #2: Wild

Wild was surprisingly fantastic! I chose this vineyard as the second spot because it also has a brewery and my boyfriend isn’t as wine obsessed as me. I didn’t know until we got there but they have heaps of activities available. We saw people trying out archery and there was a set up for clay pigeon shooting! Also set up around the tables are a few games and you get to sit in the vines. I loved this place! The atmosphere was fantastic for a chill afternoon drinking and snacking.

I got the wine flight which pushed me out of my regular red wine only stance. I’m thankful for that because I actually found a few white wines that I would really enjoy at home.

We ended up staying here for lunch and I was very pleased. The food was a bit more rustic than your average winery but the taste was divine! The pizza bread <3

Can you go wrong with Pizza?

You can’t forget dessert…

The location of these wineries made the day super easy as they were right next to each other. That cut down our travel time and the walk was pleasant.

Next time I want to stay for a couple of nights and do the nature walks plus see a few for wineries.