My Graduation Edit

Hello All!
I’ve spent the start of 2018 in a haze of work and Grey’s Anatomy reruns. So today I thought I’d look back on my graduation look.
The dress
I’m the organised type when it comes to what I’m going to wear to an event. In fact for graduation I had a dress and shoes picked out for months beforehand. But as fate would have it a few weeks before graduation everything about the dress felt wrong. I don’t know if it was because my body changed or that my hair was now pink – I just didn’t like it anymore!
I don’t know how many dresses I tried on over between then and the ceremony. My phone was full of pictures of me in various dresses and then I found it in Zara. It was one of those dresses that you can’t help but too dance and move in when you try it on – I was in love. Unfortunately, I was the only one. Everyone else (except my dad) was more on the side of my first dress which was formal and everything you expect of a grad dress. This one was floral print and a wrap dress – maybe more appropriate for a wedding guest. But I couldn’t get this dress off my mind!
Eventually my parents caved – though they all thought I was wasting money until the day rolled around. I don’t think I could have found a better dress – It shone under the gown and matched my personality to a tee!
My shoes are a pair I picked up in Malaysia at Charles and Keith. They are quite possibly my favourite shoe brand – the heels are so comfortable.
For jewellery I opted to go with my everyday pieces. They are all sentimental bits that people have given me. I failed with my organisation though my bracelets were almost forgotten in the apartment. I didn’t realise even I wasn’t wearing earrings until the ceremony started!
The handbag! I was so excited that I finally had somewhere to wear this. For my 21st I was lucky to get a Pop and Suki personalised camera bag – I adore this bag!
Explaining why the bag has to stay in all the pictures…

Hair and makeup

 My ceremony was at 10:00am so there wasn’t time to get hair or makeup done. I had my hair toned and trimmed the day before at my usual salon, Bird and Boulogne. Which left me to do my makeup. Here’s a rundown of some of the products I used:


The day ended up being fantastic! A friend bought me the a stunning bouquet of flowers. I didn’t want to put them down because they perfectly matched my hair. We went to lunch at Mamasan Kitchen + Bar, which was to die for! I’m still thinking about the crab dumplings. And ended the night with domino’s in the apartment – what more could you ask for.