What I’m watching on Netflix

Hey everyone, 
It’s probably not the smartest idea but when I can’t sleep the first thing I do is put Netflix on. There’s only about a 50% chance that it will actually work – the other half I end up fascinated with whatever I’ve put on and sleep at around 3am. Over the past few weeks it’s been a lot more fascination instead of sleeping. I think it’s Netflix’s fault – did the new season of Lovesick have to be released last month? On the bright side, I am full of recommendations on what to watch next.
So if you’re looking for something to entertain your insomnia, here are my top five picks from January:
I saw the trailer for this months ago and was beyond excited about it. Then I forgot about it. That was a giant mistake because this was by far my favourite show from this list. I don’t know if it’s my inner criminal minds addict or my love for Jonathan Groff (Hamilton <3) but I couldn’t stop watching. Everything about the show is incredibly gripping. I was particularly intrigued by the relationship between Holden and Debbie. It was completely different to what I’ve come to expect from a crime show.
I started watching this show while I was housebound with the flu, it seemed like it would be a bit of a laugh. What I didn’t except is how fast I went through the first two seasons and how much I now cared about all the characters. It’s an odd idea – a show about a guy letting all his exes know that he has an STI. What the show ends up being is a wonderful story about friendship and love. I loved that in season three (the new release) the show took a slightly different direction to the previous two which was quite refreshing.
I don’t think this will surprise anyone but season two was amazing! It had everything that the first and more. What I loved in this season was the closer look into the rest of the royal family – watching Prince Charles at school and Princess Margaret’s wedding. It will be interesting when season three rolls around with the brand new cast – I’ve become quite attached to the actors/actress after this season.
I like Antony Bourdain but I’ve never actually sat down to watch No Reservations until it popped up on my nextflix recommendations. I’m heading over to Asia in a few months and one of my stops is Japan – which is exactly how I was lured into watching. The episode increased my excitement for the trip more than I thought was possible. And then the more episodes I watched the more places I was adding to my travel bucket list. As a foodie and a travel addict I can’t imagine a better show – Just be warned that you might end up booking flights.
What else can you watch after something like Mindhunter? A show about coerced confessions that sent potentially innocent people going to jail? Yeah that sounds about right. I watched this on the recommendation of one of my fellow law students, with a warning that it would drive my inner lawyer crazy. I don’t know if I can say that I enjoyed the show but I do feel like I learned something. It was quite interesting to see how these convictions occurred – the motivation behind all the parties. I appreciated that it wasn’t a one sided documentary – the police were offered the chance to show why they did what they did. If you’re into your true crime it’s differently worth a few hours of your time.
Happy Netflixing!