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Today I’m writing from a lakeside café with a glass of red while a thunderstorm makes itself known in the background. It’s been raining everyday which combined with the intense traffic it causes (I spent over an hour getting somewhere it normally takes 10mins to drive) means that I’ve spent a lot more time chilling than exploring. What that means for me is that I’ve been reading – a lot! Any trip I go on always re ignites my reading obsession and I love it. In the last month I’ve read over 20 books. It’s the best opportunity to read – you’re spending a lot of time in airports, trains or my favourite pool side :P.

I started the Mercy Thompson at the Yellow Beach Cafe

When I started this trip I was all about Ilona Andrews. I’d started the Kate Daniels books years ago but stopped reading them for some unknown reason. And then while I was researching aeroplane reads I came across The Edge series. I proceeded to spend the next few days lying on the steps (this is my favourite spot to read at home – I know it’s weird) devouring the series. By the time I got on the plane I had finished The Edge & Innkeeper books and had just started rereading the first Kate Daniels books (Magic Bites). Needless to say, I finished series before I set foot in Vietnam….

What I loved most about these books are the worlds that they have created, often Paranormal books stretch reality to the point that you can’t imagine this world being something that is hiding beneath our own world. However, with their books I honestly feel like I could just walked into The Edge by accident or live next door to an Innkeeper.  While the Kate Daniels books can be a bit more confusing – I tried explain it to a friend once – while reading the books it feels plausible that the world could just shift into magic one day. What I love most about the series, and Kate herself, is that I’m never asked to believe that she is perfect, or fearless – she is a flawed person and she can acknowledge those flaws as well.

Poolside Set up 🙂

So once I finished with everything the Andrews’ had to offer I was a little bit stuck. I currently counting the hours until the next book is released and hoping it has a release in Malaysia. My answer came in the ‘people also searched for’ section on google where I stumbled upon Mercy Thompson (or more accurately Patricia Briggs’s series). I cannot say enough good things about this series – I thoroughly enjoyed that it strayed away from sooo many common stereotypes. Also the main character while occasionally needed some rescuing could also help herself. But my favourite things was that trauma wasn’t brushed under the rug. Too often when paranormal/fantasy books that stuff that our characters go through are forgotten between books however, Briggs consistently ensures that her characters grow but do not forget.

Post dip Reading Selfie


Bullet Journal Update: Trackers! I started using them to encourage drinking more water but I’ve found that they are so much better for keeping track of my reading.






Books mentioned in this post:

The Edge by Ilona Andrews

  1. One the Edge
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  4. Steel’s Edge

Innkeeper Series by Ilona Andrews

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Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews

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Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs

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Alpha & Omega

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